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ILLUMINATE AWARENESS-NLP, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression,
Past life Therapy, Past Life Recall, Stress Reduction, Energy Balancing, Reiki, Psychic Consultations
Debra Huelsebusch the founder  has been working with people in the corporate world and privately  over the past 15 years to help them get in touch with inner resources and talents so that they can achieve their goals.
Debra works with a broad knowledge base and intuitively with her clients so that the sessions are tailored specifically for the clients best results.
Debra is a NLP Trainer, Master
Hypnosis Practitioner, a
Time Line Therapy(TM)Practitioner,
a Certified Intuitive Consultant, Psychic Medium, Past Life Regression Practitioner, Energy Healing Facilitator, and a Stress Reduction Coach.
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" Take action to create your reality with congruency and then you will achieve far more then you thought possible"
Debra Huelsebusch   
Illuminate Awareness  


ILLUMINATE AWARENESS and Debra's  mission is to provide you with accelerated tools and training to assist you in creating a strong foundation for achieving your goals and dreams. The structure of our work is to facilitate you gaining access to your abilities so that you can create a plan of action for the most optimal life.

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Welcome to Illuminate Awareness we provide you with the tools and resources to illuminate your path! We provide you with resources, techniques, and information to empower you to attract into your life more positive choices and ways of being.
Please browse our website and click on our links to find out about our services.
We are a holistic services company. If you take the complexity involved in day to day living, it is good to take time for yourself to relax,learn,and grow in a safe, supportive, and enjoyable environment. Illuminate awareness takes a mind, body, spirit approach to wellness; that is why we offer traditional services like :Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP),  Stress Reduction Techniques, Time Line Therapy(TM) Techniques, Peak Performance, and Holistic Wellness Services; we also offer esoteric services such as : Psychic Intuitive Readings/Consultations, Guided Spiritual Meditations, Past Life Regression/Therapy and Energy Work. 


 NLP and Hypnosis Coaching,  

NLP & Hypnosis are one of the most effective ways of making changes and creating a compelling future designed by you. Have a breakthrough in Career, Health& Fitness, Relationship, Spirituality, or Personal Development.
Traditional Hypnosis for Smoking, 
Weight Loss, Creativity Enhancement and other Self Improvement areas are also available.  If you would like to learn self hypnosis it is included in many packages I offer and also as a stand alone service . 

Psychic Intuitive Readings/Consulting, 

Psychic Readings and Consultations help  you connect to your  spirituality and your inner knowing working with a gifted  Psychic Intuitive. Please note that Psychic Services are on the 
Intuitive Page. We also have Psychic Party and Event Services.

Past Life Regression, 

Past Life Regression - Works to help you identify and make changes to old patterns that may be affecting your life currently.  Many people carry around false fear or guilt for example from another time that may be released during a past life regression.  This facilitates the person's ability to live in the present and forgive.  Some people may also just want to go back to Past Lives to rediscover talents , gifts,  familiarity of a certain culture and  love relationships. 

Stress Reduction/Relaxation

Are you stressed out? We all have times when our life can get stressful. Learn how to create a plan to minimize the effects of stress and bring in the relaxation response.  Click on Stress Reduction to find out about our wellness packages and sessions.

ENERGY WORK- Huna, Reiki, and other systems to remove blocks and create harmony in the energy system.

Illuminate Awareness offers certification and training in NLP and Time Line Therapy(TM)Techniques.

*Member of the American Board of NLP *Member of the Time Line Therapy(TM) Association
*Member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy 
* Member of the American Board of  Holistic Practitioners
*Member of the Association for Integrative Psychology

Call us for a free consultation about our services and how we can work together at: 212-868-0810 

Office Hours: M-F 10AM-6PM
Evenings : Tuesday , Fri 6-9PM
Weekends: 10AM-1PM
 Hours for Phone Sessions are from
10AM- 10 PM E.S.T.

Offices in New York City, New York & 
Hoboken, New Jersey
Phone Sessions: USA


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TIP- Your mind is very powerful.  You get what you focus on. So focus on something that you want .

Additional things you can do to enhance your focus.

1. Imagine turning up the feelings, intensity,sounds, and adjusting the picture of what you want.

2.  Spend more time consistently focusing on your desired outcome.

3.  Take the action steps to get your outcome and believe the universe is supporting you.

4. Imagine yourself as already having it