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The Art Of Crystal Ball Reading/Scrying

Evolving Your Intuition With Your Crystal Ball 

Learn how to read a Crystal Ball to for transformation of yourself and others

Learn how to Read a Crystal Ball With Confidence with Meryl and Debra.
What if you could improve your clairvoyance easily and effortlessly? Wouldn’t it be helpful if you are interested in giving intuitive readings to other to be able to easily obtain information with your eyes open? How would it help you if you were able to go with in and get your own guidance with clarity? Working with a Crystal Ball Offers these benefits and so much more. If you have had any interest in Crystal Balls or Developing your Intuition please purhase this MP3.  
What is Crystal Ball Reading?

Crystal Balls are one of the most popular and well known techniques of scrying and divination. It has been popular since middle ages and may have been around since ancient Greece. Scrying is the gazing into an object such as a crystal ball, mirror, or a bowl of water. Even Nostradamus, most well known for his predictions as a seer and visionary used scrying.  
Crystal scrying is known as crystallomacy. Crystals have been used to divine one's past, present, and future. The Crystal Ball acts as an amplifier enhancing your psychic senses. They are very popular because of their energetic properties that connect with the reader on a subtle and metaphysical level .

We will work together to :create an environment that will open up your intuitive senses . Meditations to achieve a peaceful trance state, clear format to doing a reading for self and others, clearing of the Crystal Ball, and energetic connection to the Crystal Ball. 
Clear blocks to opening up your Psychic abilities and reading a Crystal Ball .
Learn how to use and care for your Crystal Ball
Learn techniques to open up and expend out and enter into rapid trance so you can quickly connect
Learn how to connect with your Crystal Ball
Learn how to improve your clairvoyance and receive impressions and images in the Crystal Ball.
Learn how to do a psychic reading with your Crystal Ball

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Bio Information -

Rev. Debra Huelsebusch is a Spiritualist Minister and the President of the Spiritualist Church of New York City. She is an Intuitive Consultant and Séance Conductor. Rev. Debra Huelsebusch runs an Intuitive Wellness Practice in New York City. She also has a background as: a Psychic Medium, NLP Trainer, Time Line Practitioner, Master Hypnosis Coach, Past Life Therapy Practitioner, Huna Practitioner, and a Stress Reduction Coach.
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Meryl Vandana is a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Access Bars Facilitator, Shamanic Practitioner & Consciousness Coach. All Healing Sessions are Customized Integrating Dozens of Healing Modalities Such As: Shamanic Sexual Soul Retrieval, Crystal Singing Bowls For Vibrational Sound Healing,Divination Message Readings, Emotional Pain Release With Essential Oils, & Liquid Light Frequency Activations & Attunements.
She is the Founder & Co-Creator of RICH Healing-Tools For Transformation & Hosts a weekly Blog Talk Radio Show & Telecalls. The website to learn more is http://richhealing.com
Meryl encourages others to always trust their intuition & follow their knowing in each moment by facilitating empowering workshops such as Auras & Past Lives, Candle Flame Eye Gazing Meditations, And Ancestral Blessings Classes in NYC.
She facililtates Global Telecalls & Teleclasses to Raise Awareness about Autism & Shares Simple Tools To Clear any challenges you might encounter.
Her website is