Psychic intuitive readings and consultations focus on
specific areas of interest that are the most important for you
to gain clarity about at the time of the session. My goal as a
Psychic Intuitive is to give you the information you need in
the form you can receive it in. This format allows you to be in touch with
you own resourcefulness to handle the information presented.
Debra Huelsebusch

Connect to your inner knowing and get important information
about :relationships- (romantic, family, friends, business),
strategies for your goals and career, insights into spirituality,
aura, past lives, and loved ones who have passed.

Debra works with individuals in private sessions in person and over the phone.  Call 212-868-0810 to schedule a consultation.

Debra gives heart centered messages with a touch of humor. Debra Huelsebusch is a psychic intuitive who is clairvoyant, clairsentience, she also utilizes psychometry( reading the aura around small objects, photos, and writing samples), and reads from the Higher Self. Clients are often amazed by how powerful and helpful the information is that is coming through to them.

Debra has always been very intuitive and has consistently had premonitions. In 1994 she went to Hawaii and after studying Hawaiian Huna spirituality and energy healing  her psychic gift of clairsentience opened up. She also learned Higher Self Therapy techniques and then learned Higher Self communication in the context of energy work and energetic emotional clearing.
She has taken psychic development courses over the past few years that have dramatically improved her abilities in the areas: of clairvoyance, mediumship, psychometry, and how to
conduct an outstanding client sessions as an intuitive consultant.  Debra is a ordained as a Spiritualist Minister .    
is trained as an Intuitive Consultant and is also a certified Seance conductor.  She is a member of Best American Psychics.

Some of the Corporate Events: Coty, Kenneth Cole, the American Cancer Society, Borders Bookstore, Holiday Inn, Donna Karan

Radio Appearances include: Natural Alternative Healing show, Stirring the Caldron, Bap, Living Green

Thank Your so much for the Reading. I can't tell you how much the readings mean to me. And how accurate
you always are. I asked W's questions in my last letter and to tell me at the reading---which he did. I know the answer to who Irving is--I asked him in my letter if he was still reading over my shoulder when I read. I am currently reading a book and there is a character in the book called Irwin Irving--so he was confirming that he is reading over my shoulder. You are so amazing. Thank you again so much.HD- New York

I just wanted to let you know that your reading was spot on. I went to a 1-week intensive healing course over the summer up at Lily Dale, and one of the modalities our instructor covered was tonal healing. So I've been experimenting with that and crystal/brass bowls. It's amazing, very empowering. And I've also called on Michael every day in September. LOL. He keeps popping up in my angel decks. So yes, he definitely has my back! Glad the men in Spirit are around to show support. AA - New jersey

You are right about the shaving, he couldn't shave himself and he wasn't happy about anyone else doing it, the thing of real value he has is the ring that was Billy which was given to when Bill passed, and I have promised that to L on condition that it is kept in the family but it is left in trust to K and she has to decide when he can have it.
He broke his good watch but was very attached to a cheapie that he bought in Spain when they had pesetas it kept good time and all it ever needed over the years was batteries, but he would have been lost without although towards the end he telling me the time every ten minutes. His Mother years ago was a dressmaker. I can't wait for the next installment. SR- New York

She conducts private sessions in her
offices in New York City, NY and Hoboken, NJ.

* You will be asked to bring your questions to the reading
*Please also bring any objects or pictures you would like to
have Debra tune into with you.
*Debra will say a short guided meditation to set up safe space
and relaxing atmosphere as your reading begins.
* She will then go into a very lite trance and start your reading.

She is available for Phone Sessions Countrywide-
Once a phone session is scheduled
she will call you at your number for the session. 

* You will be asked to have your questions ready for the
* If you would like Debra to look at any pictures at your reading you can e-mail
or mail you pictures in( optional).
*Debra will say a short guided meditation to set up safe space
and relaxing atmosphere as your reading begins.
* She will then go into a very lite trance and start your reading.

She also enjoys and is available for psychic readings/ consultations at your Party or Event.  Make your event an event to remember. Imagine the fun and the conversation your guests will have getting the inside scoop on Love, Business, Relocation, Past Lives, and Loved Ones who have passed on.  She will give your guests individual mini- readings and they will be amazed at the insights that come through. She  has done many readings at  events including working at:major dept store promotions, book store events, corporate events, and party events.

Call 212-868-0810 for a consultation about                                       
our services and to book a session or event

Debra has an all psychic website with more information about her readings and philosophy

Event price will be discounted for time booked over
Three Hours

Readings/ Consultations are:
"For Entertainment Only"
As required by New York State
Must be over 18 years old

Intuitive Services