Past Life Regression

Did you know that by knowing the cause you can release the effect.
Past Life Regression will get you to the root cause and you can learn from
it so you can grow and not let it happen again. You can forgive yourself and others with your new understanding. It is not uncommon that people are carying over false
karma, such as false guilt, that  can be released in this life now.

I have worked with people from all walks of life and have seen some amazing
changes as a result of our work together. I have even seen some  people look subtlely different after our work together more radiant and alive. Having released something big. At times the results of the regression are subtle and at other times they are life altering.  - Debra Huelsebusch

Past Life Regression is an extremely powerful and dynamic way to go within and connect with your inner knowing to make positive changes in your modern day life. We all have lived many life times in many roles and that has an influence on who we are today. This explains in part why we are drawn to certain cultures, professions, hobbies, people, and relationships. Our soul stores the memories of these life times. We are in charge of our desire for evolution and what we do to achieve our self-mastery by learning from our past.
During the Past Life Regression process you will be supported to get  valuable information about  what you need to know for your growth at this time. You will get the opportunity to learn about your karmic patterns and your gifts. You may also find that there are certain people in your lives that you have a familiarity about them indicating that you have had past lives with them.  When seeing these familiar people during the past lives valuable information about the relationship and how it bears on this life is revealed.

Debra Huelsebusch is certified in Past Life Regression by one of the most well known experts in the field and is known for achieving outstanding results.  Past Life Regression is one of her top areas of focus.  She works with individuals and groups.  Keep look out for upcoming events.

Call Debra at 212-868-0810 or 908-377-9374 for a free phone consultation and see how Past Life Regression would work for you to get amazing results.

Some Potential Benefits Are:

*Feel more resolved around a running patterns
*Release the ties that bind you through forgiveness
*Feel lighter spiritually
*Gain Clarity on what is happening in your life
*Feel more connected spiritually
* Learn valuable lessons for your growth
*Understand why you are attracted to different things that effect your life
*Unlock hidden talents
*Feel more at peace
*Karmic release of certain energy patterns

What to expect during the session:

Debra will work with you on a particular goal or focus to pinpoint what would have the most impact on you during your regression.
You will be speaking with Debra during most of the regression and be in a very relaxed state.
You will be lead through one or two Past Lives depending on how the session goes.
You will be in touch with your higher guidance and get information that is pertains to your life now.
You may be asked to do some forgiveness work during the session to free you up.
Debra will ask you if you would like her to do some energy work with you ( Reiki or Huna) and that is optional for you.
Debra will give you a Past Life summary after her session with you .
Past Life Regression Sessions are about three hours.   
More involved work could run into more time.

Call Debra Huelsebusch at 212-868-0810 to set up a session.


"For many years now I have had reoccuring dreams about a large farm house in the midwest.
During our session I was happy to find I felt so much peace from that life time and the house.
I always knew I felt at home there in my dreams and now I truly know why. The whole experience was really vivid and wonderful. "

"I didn't know what to expect in my session and was pleasantly surprised at all of the details about my past lives that I was able to pull up.  The session really helped me clairify what I would like to do with my career. I feel like I have more options. Thank you -Debra "

" I was having a hard time moving on from my relationship and the regression  answered a lot of questions about our current relationship dynamics. I am able to feel more compassion around the situation.  The forgiveness work was really a powerful experience for me."

" It was a real adventure for me to go back to Egypt and discover my Past Life there. I collect
things that are Egyptian and I am drawn to that culture.  It was a beautiful place for me to go and I discovered that I was in a mystery school .  It all registers for me in a big way."

" Debra is an incredibly gifted  clairvoyant. and medium. She is  clear ,compassionate, and very open  to Spirit contact.She is also an excellent Past  Life Regression Therapist. I have attended several workshops shops .In each one, I have had profound 
experiences and clear memories that are helping me access talents, heal old wounds and patterns in  this life time I highly recommend her ! "

Did you know:

1. Past Life Regression is used today in modern Psychology and Psychicatry and is becoming main stream. 
2. The law of attraction works well with Past Life Regression.
3. Past Life Regression has been utilzed by 100,s of 1,000 of people successfully.  My teacher use Past Life Regression on over 150,000 people.  Imagine that.
4. Some children under the age of 8 remember the most recent Past Lives.  Some children even speak foriegn languages they have never been taught.  The Phenomenon is known as

How is a Past Life Regression different from a Past Life Reading?

I am a Psychic Medium and I feel the two methods are very helpful.  The difference usually with Past Life Regression is that the person has a more direct experience. You will see and feel things more directly in the regression . You may have sensations in your body as your energy moves.  You will be interacting with me almost the whole time so I can work with you to move you where you need to be.  You will be questioned but come to your own conclusions about things.  The regressions are usually much longer than the readings and
an associated experience.

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