Working with the Japanese System of Energy work called Reiki , I will channel this Reiki life force energy (known as ki , pana, mana, and holy spirit in different cultures) to promote a feeling of relaxation and wellness. It is said to improve the amount and level of life force energy in the body Promotes a feeling of wellbeing, and happiness. It is said when the life force energy is low: we are more prone to sadness, slugishness, and a weak immune system.
Allow yourself some time for yourself to experience this wonderful energetic healing modality that is very gentle and relaxing. Feel all the good feeling that go along with this experience of enhancing your energy sytem and feelings of wellbeing. Reiki promotes wellness on a mind, body, and spiritual level. Reiki has been used in hospitals around the world to promote a feeling of well being while self healing is taking place.


At the start of the session I will ask you what are some areas of change or healing that  needs attention.  I will provide you with a  safe space.  I will have gentle music in the background with soft lights to help you relax.  I will say a healing prayer for you and call in the Reiki energy.  I will also use Reiki symbols and channel the reiki energy.  You will feel the subtle enrgy being transmitted to you and you will feel the wellbeing of receiving this energy.  I will work through out your energy channels to clear your chakras and meridain points with the reiki.  With permission I may touch you on the head and shoulders and the rest of the session will be hands off.  I will however have my hands close to your body as I
move to the various parts of the body.  After the session I will allow you to sit for a few minutes to orient yourself back to the room. I will give you any impressions I received while the healing was taking place.

What should I do before a session-
Please write down an intention for the session. In this way you are putting it out to the universe and affiming it.
Please do not eat heavily before the session
Please open your schedule after the session to allow your self some personal time before going back to anything to intense.
Please be open to recieving the energy

What should I do after the session-
Please allow some additional time to relax or to go with in
Please continue to drink water to facilitate the energetic clearing
Please write down any impressions or thoughts you have as a result of the healing this will help you further process what is going on.

Reiki can be done in a single session but it helps to have a few sessions to go deeper.
This is the reason I charge less for the Reiki Sessions
$125.00 for an hour session
$95.00 per session for a package of four or more sessions for an hour

Debra Huelsebusch is an Usui Reiki Master.  She is a member of the American Board of Practitioners. Please contact Debra at 212-868-0810 to set up a session.
She can also conduct sessions long distance. A discount is given for the long distance sessions.  Please note that Reiki sessions are given in  the New York City office at this time.