Spiritual Coaching
Debra Huelsebusch works with you as a Spiritual Coach to help you clear your blocks so that you can integrate what is happening Spiritually with your day to day life.
As we experience growth our perspective grows with us. We uncover our true self, talents, and gifts through our intention and this causes life to shift around us. Often this sudden leap of consciousness causes us to feel bliss and and then suddenly your unconscious mind and higher consciousness brings up issues to be dealt with; these are issues that may have been left alone or buried. These are the very issues that need to be cleared and this can be a much different feeling than bliss; it is important to remain balanced and centered at these times. I will work with you to maintain your center as you are going through these changes and to give you additional tools to work with to continue your momentum in a balanced way.
Some Benefits are:
* Clear unwarranted negative emotions of the past and limiting decisions that are keeping you from where you would like to be
* Align Your Values and Goals
* Experience more universal love and raise your consciousness
* Learn how to create a better relationship with your higher self
* Have a more synchronistic life
* Enhance Your Intuitive Abilities
* Get a written Spiritual Assessment to work with
* Work with the Healing Power of Forgiveness
* Enhance your ability to manifest
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for a free phone consultation to see if spiritual coaching is right for you.
Debra Huelsebusch is a Spiritualist Minister . She is also a Psychic Medium She currently runs a holistic wellness practice: NLP Trainer, Master Hypnosis Coach, Past Life Therapy Practitioner, Energy Healing Professional.
She is a member of the American Board of Holistic Practitioners, American Board of Hypnotherapy, and the American Board of NLP.