Your body and cells are bathed in
Neuro Transmitters . Everything you think is
communicated to your body.  Stress can have an
effect on your mental state, the health of your
body, and your spirit.
Our sessions are geared to help you reduce
stress immediately and feel more relaxed.
As a result you may find other symptoms in your life
that need healing are reduced. Allowing you to create a feeling of better well being.

We offer stress reduction packages-
A package is: four one hour sessions one week a part to help you create new life style habits that incorporate relaxation. Additional one hour sessions may be added
as needed.

Included at each session: is a guided meditation for stress reduction, breathing process, exercises and  goals for your session.  You will also be given 
reading material related to living stress free to take home with you. You will also be given with the package a stress reduction tape. An exercise booklet will be given to you to take home with you to work with ; this will allow you to  record your progress and the  personal insights you gain as you are working with the program.

Individual stress reduction sessions are also available -
individual sessions are for two hours.

Group Stress Reductions Workshops-
On a regular basis we will hold group stress reduction workshops that run about one hour and a half.  Please call for upcoming events or check on our event page.



Clear Energetic blocks in your Aura on: a mind , body , and spirit level. I utilize different systems depending on what is happening in your life and what would be the most appropriate for you. I may verbally identify with you diffent lessons you need to learn about at this time, I may also use chanting, working with symbols,forgiveness processes, chord cutting, and speaking with your higher mind to help identify and enhance the energetic healing. During the transmission of the energy I am working with I will step out of the way and let the universal energy flow through me in a certain way.
Energy Healing works to balance and clear the chakras with universal life force energy. When the energy paths are clear and balanced people report a greater sense of well being. More of an even flow in there lives and a feeling of more energy.

I have been initiated in Hawaiian Huna, Reiki, Rising Star( information on Rising Star and Prema Birthing channeled through and by  Master Healer and Teacher Derek O'Neill at,
Prema Birthing, Pranic Healing, and other modalities.

I take a comprehensive view towards energy healing.  Please call me to hear about Energy Clearing more in depth.  Debra at 212-868-0810.


Many of the clients I see
benefit from a relaxation hour.  This is a place they can go to practice some of the stress reduction techniques and meet on a fairly regulare basis.
The relaxation hour is about an hour to an hour and a  half really.
There will be a guided meditation for wellness and breathing.
Please check our event schedule.