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Integrated Modalities for Self-Actualization
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Debra Huelsebusch is certified in Past Life therapy by one of the top Past Life Regression       teachers and is well known for achieving outstanding results. Past life Regression is one of the top focus areas in her practice. Debra does individual and group Past Life Regressions.

NLP Breakthrough Sessions

Personal Breakthrough Sessions are also available in : Career, Family,
Health& Fitness, Personal Development and Spirituality

This is intense work for highly motivated individuals to achieve specific goals and there is additional work to be done outside of the sessions.

The breakthrough sessions work with: Values Alignment, Your Personal History,Goal Setting, Resolving Internal Conflicts,Creating and Establishing Resource States, Powerful Imagery ,An Action Plan, Focused Self Dialogue and much more.

Some Potential Benefits Are:
Feeling congruent about what you want to achieve so that you are able to set up the conditions in your life to attract what you are going after.
Having more energy around your goals.
Feeling more confident about yourself and your direction in life.
Accessing more of your internal resources and gaining tools to  help you do that.
Learning and utilizing the most positive power speech and internal representations to
actualize who you really are inside.
Developing an action plan to take the steps to achieve your dreams.
Taking your self understanding to new depths.

Intense work is involved in each personal breakthrough session in one of the six listed areas.   The time commitment for the personal breakthrough is 6-12 hours of session time depending upon what is needed. you will only be charged for time worked and detailed personal history is free.
Call us for a free phone consultation about how we might work together .
Phone sessions are available for NLP sessions without hypnosis


Remember that you are always more than you think you are. That
you are an expression of the divine and that expression is wanting to show itself always.  With NLP & Hypnosis we work together remove any blocks to your
self so that you can have the life your were meant to have.  It does take some work and effort on your part to get there , so for our sessions together be ready to make
positive changes and do the maintenance on your life.

Tap into your excellence and create powerful changes.Receive transformational tools and learn fantastic skills to enhance your life.  NLP & Hypnosis Coaching  will work with you and bring out your best. Some of areas of specialty are: Stress Reduction, Peak Performance, Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Memory Enhancement,Public Speaking, Learning and Memory Enhancement,Confidence Building, Clutter Elimination,Healing Grief, Sports Performance Achievement,Positive Self Esteem, Interviewing Confidence and Creativity Enhancement.
Some Benefits:
*Get the Winning Edge *Learn how to maintain Peak States
*Goal Setting and Getting *Support Your Authentic Self
*Learn Self Hypnosis *Relax Quickly And Easily
1st session is a  minimum time  of  2 hours- call us for a free consultation about we might work together.
additional time for intake at no charge. Packages Available for multiple sessions. For multiple hypnosis sessions Self-Hypnosis will be taught to allow you to expand upon our work together indefinitely

What to expect  from your sessions:

1.You will be asked to complete and sign an intake form that will be used at your first session.    
Under certain circumstances a referral  from a health professional may be  required.
2.You will be asked to come up with a goal or outcome you would like to achieve.
3.Your  intake and your personal history as it relates to your focus will be reviewed.
4.You will be guided through several processes with your practitioner to help you achieve your goal for each session.
5.You may be given tasks or work to do on your own time to support your success.

Definition of NLP
Neuro: The nervous system( the mind), through which our experience is processed through our  five senses:
*Visual, *Auditory *Kinesthetic *Olfactory  *Gustatory
Linguistic:  Language and other nonverbal communication systems through which our neural representations are coded, ordered, and given meaning. Includes:
*Pictures, *Sounds, *Feelings, * Tastes, *Smells, *Words
Programming: The ability to uncover and use the programs that run  our communication  
in our neurological systems to get our outcome.
NLP gives us the tool to use the language of our mind to achieve our desired outcome. It gives us a framework to direct our state and behavior for the most optimal result. 

Definition of Hypnosis: 
Hypnosis is not often defined by a black and white definition.  A close explanation would be,    that in a very relaxed state you become hypersuggestible  and expand  your awareness;  that allows you to bypass the conscious mind and go directly to the unconscious mind with  your selective attention on the suggestions that are literal or symbolic . Often the process of active   imagination is involved. Hypnosis is a cooperative process requiring consent of the client.  It should be said that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnosis will only be successful if the suggestions are accepted by the  person who is being hypnotized.The hypnosis          practitioner is only acting as a guide for the client who is moving through the experience and the hypnosis practitioner offers beneficial suggestions based on the client’s focus.
Time Line Therapy™ techniques may also be used in conjunction with the NLP & Hypnosis coaching .
Your unconscious mind stores all your memories. Changing a persons behavior takes place at the unconscious level.  The Time Line Therapy™ techniques works with your unconscious mind to release uncomfortable emotions from the past, limiting decisions, and limiting beliefs. Time Line Therapy™ techniques also work with the time line to create a more compelling future. 


Past Life Regression

Did you know that by knowing the cause you can release the effect.
Past Life Regression will get you to the root cause and you can learn from
it so you can grow and not let it happen again. You can forgive yourself and others with your new understanding. It is not uncommon that people are carying over false
karma, such as false guilt, that  can be released in this life now.

I have worked with people from all walks of life and have seen some amazing
changes as a result of our work together. I have even seen some  people look subtlely different after our work together more radiant and alive. Having released something big. At times the results of the regression are subtle and at other times they are
life altering.  - Debra Huelsebusch

Past Life Regression is an extremely powerful and dynamic way to go within and connect with your inner knowing to make positive changes in your modern day life. We all have lived many life times in many roles and that has an influence on who we are today. This explains in part why we are drawn to certain cultures, professions, hobbies, people, and relationships. Our soul stores the memories of these life times. We are in charge of our desire for evolution and what we do to achieve our self-mastery by learning from our past.
During the Past Life Regression process you will be supported to get  valuable information about
What you need to know for your growth at this time. You will get the opportunity to learn about your karmic patterns and your gifts. You may also find that there are certain people in your lives that you have a familiarity about them indicating that you have had past lives with them.  When
seeing these familiar people during the past lives valuable information about the relationship and how it bears on this life is revealed.

Some Potential Benefits Are:

*Feel more resolved around a running patterns
*Release the ties that bind you through forgiveness
*Feel lighter spiritually
*Gain Clarity on what is happening in your life
*Feel more connected spiritually
* Learn valuable lessons for your growth
*Understand why you are attracted to different things that effect your life
*Unlock hidden talents
*Feel more at peace
*Karmic release of certain energy patterns

What to expect during the session:

Debra will work with you on a particular goal or focus to pinpoint what would have the most impact on you during your regression.
You will be speaking with Debra during most of the regression and be in a very relaxed state.
Debra will give you a Past Life summary after her session with you .
Past Life Regression Sessions are about three hours.   
More involved work could run into more time.

NLP & Hypnosis Coaching and
Past Life Regression on this page.
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