We offer Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) Practitioner,  and Time Line Therapy (TM) Practitioner trainings. Please call us for details on upcoming schedules.

Become certified as a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)  and be eligible to become a member of the American Board of NLP.  Debra Huelsebusch is authorized to train as an Institute of NLP with the American Board of NLP.  Get the advantage of  becoming a NLP practitioner in your professional career. The skills learned at the practitioner level can also transform your personal life.
*Find out why NLP is one of the most respected modalities of our time
*Learn the presuppositions of NLP
*Learn the relationship of the conscious mind and the unconscious mind and how to integrate
*Learn the keys to an achievable outcome
*Learn how to optimize sensory acuity
*Learn to create amazing rapport
*Learn about the representational systems
*Learn about submodalities
*Learn about strategies
*Learn effective use of language patterns
*Lean anchoring to change states
*Learn Parts Integration

Pre-Study Material Included
Time Line Therapy™  training and certification is included

Illuminate Awareness
Integrated Modalities for Self-Actualization
Time Line Therapy™ Training

Become certified as a practitioner in Time Line Therapy™ techniques.
Be eligible to become a member of the Time Line Therapy™Association.
Debra Huelsebusch is able to teach and certify Time Line Therapy™ techniques at the practitioner level.
Work with clients and yourself with Time Line Therapy™ techniques.
*Learn how to release old linked up    patterns of negative emotions
*Learn how to release limiting decisions
*Learn a technique to go past anxiety
*Learn how to change the time line
*Learn a technique for removing phobias
*Learn to put goals out in the future of the time line

This class is open to certain licensed professionals as a stand alone class. 
Otherwise, you must be certified as a practitioner of NLP to take this class.
If you take the Time Line Therapy™ practitioner training and then NLP practitioner training you will receive a credit.